Would You Like Some Support?

Hypospadias Support – Resources For Boys, Men and Parents

Parents’ support

Facebook closed groups are a very helpful resource for parents.  If you apply to join, you will need to answer some questions to ensure you are a parent of a child with hypospadias.  The sites are very friendly and supportive. Search on Facebook groups for:

Hypospadias Parent Support Group (Pro-surgery and Pro-choice)

Hypospadias/Epispadias Support Group v2

Men and boys’ support

Facebook has many other support groups – search on the words hypospadias, hypospadias support, and so on, and you will find many to choose from.

Other resources include the Hypospadias and Epispadias Association of America.

Articles and Books On Hypospadias

The Daily Mail has published some interesting articles in recent times:






and the Daily Telegraph


And here’s a very interesting article by Professor Alice Dreger – Do You Have To Pee Standing Up To Be A Real Man?

See also the page with helpful books on this website.