Would You Like Some Support?

Resources for parents

Facebook closed groups are a very helpful resource for parents.  If you apply to join, you will need to answer some questions to ensure you are a parent of a child with hypospadias.  The sites are very friendly and supportive. Search on Facebook groups for:

Original Hypospadias & epispadias support group.

Hypospadias Parent Support Group (Pro-surgery and Pro-choice)

Hypospadias/Epispadias Support Group v2


A useful book to read.


For men with hypospadias

If you want to talk with a man who knows what hypospadias is like, and get the support of sharing your experience, fears, and hopes, please email us.

We have all been through the experience of living with hypospadias, in varying degrees, and we know how important it is to end the feeling of isolation and aloneness with friendly support.