Message From A UK Journalist About How YOU Can Make A Difference:

I have written several times about hypospadias and each time I have been struck by the extraordinary number of responses.

It is almost the last taboo subject we have left, and from the number of responses I have received, I believe it is a condition that may be vastly more common than is officially recognised.

What is clear is that many boys and men are continuing to suffer, from the condition itself, from the repressive reaction of families, and from well-intentioned but sometimes disastrous efforts to surgically correct abnormalities.

Many men have been left with lifelong problems which they have not even dared discuss with their parents who may have unwittingly made a bad situation worse by delivering their sons into the hands of surgeons who do not have sufficient experience of this complex area.

Specialist doctors have told me of being confronted with terrible botched repairs performed in infancy which have caused lifelong heartache.

I have also spoken to a small number of affected men and the overwhelming theme is anger over their treatment at the hands of the health service.

Despite the support offered to affected men by the arrival of the internet, many are still very isolated.

To address this isolation and ongoing problem with secrecy, shame and inappropriate treatment, I would like to talk to talk to more people about how this condition has affected their lives.

I would be grateful if anyone who feels strongly about this could contact me on either of the phone numbers below to talk to me in confidence.

Thanks very much,

Lois Rogers

+ 44 7770 350 822
+ 44 207 1019 4972

Update On The Recent Hypospadias Interview Study by Matt Jackson

I am currently completing the analysis and write-up for this research study.

I just wanted to say that I am extremely grateful for the interest everyone showed in taking part, and indebted to those men who gave up their time to talk to me about hypospadias and help me understand what it is about in a phenomenal level of detail.

I am on if anyone would like a more detailed update pending a formal report and publication in a medical journal.

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Are You Looking For Support?

Some years ago we ran a very successful meet up session, allowing men with hypospadias to get together for a day and share their experiences. This reduces any shame around “being different” and allows healing of the psychological issues associated with hypospadias.

We are planning another such event. If you’d be interested in meeting other men and talking about about the impact of hypospadias, please email me. We may also be able to offer some sessions with a therapist. Email me, Rod, if you’re interested in this idea:  

Best wishes, Rod

And here’s a very interesting article by Professor Alice Dreger – Do You Have To Pee Standing Up To Be A Real Man?

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Hypospadias UK

This site is published by the Hypospadias UK Charitable Trust, which has been formed to support men and boys with hypospadias.

The site is written for boys, men, and parents of boys, with the aim of providing basic information and advice for anyone who has the condition called hypospadias. Hypospadias is a relatively common birth defect, but it is rarely discussed, and very little has been written about it for the lay reader.

Of the four persons who have contributed to this website, three have hypospadias themselves and the fourth has extensive experience in discussing issues and counselling men who have hypospadias.

The level of discussion and presentation is intended to be suitable for people without specialised medical training. We have included commonly used terms instead of scientific names in the hope that this will make the material easier to read and understand. Where appropriate we have given the anatomical or medical term in brackets ( ).

This site is NOT meant to be a scientific review or a discussion of the relatively little scientific and medical literature that has been published to date about hypospadias. However, some of the issues discussed here are based on authoritative sources, and references can be provided if required.

None of the authors of this site is a surgeon specialising in hypospadias. It will quickly become apparent that we believe that there may be too much emphasis placed on corrective surgery at present. While the severity of your hypospadias may call for surgery in many cases – and there are many examples of excellent work being done in this field – we think it is important to recognise that choosing not to have surgery is often a viable option which may deliver better long term outcomes, particularly if counselling and support are also provided as required.

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